Heavystone Surface ™ —
Hard, Tough, Performance !
Heavystone Lab is an early stage company that is actively engaged in innovation and commercialization of hard and superhard materials technology including cemented tungsten carbide (hardmetals, WC-Co) and polycrystalline diamond. One of the technologies that is gaining momentum is a patented process technology by which WC-Co with a cobalt gradient from surface to the bulk is created. Any existing WC-Co tools can be processed to obtain such a hard surface-tough core structure so that the tools can last significantly longer or able to sustain substantially more impact. Industrial use-tests in rock drilling, machining, and construction have all yielded performance gains from 30 to 100 percent. To Learn More click here .

A typical rock drilling insert/cutter with cobalt gradient from the surface to the core.
Applications for Rock Drilling


Applications for Machining